Cloud Shadows - Production Notes

This album is an offering of Musical Philanthropy to all people. 

May these sounds take you to a peaceful retreat from the world's troubles.

The outside sounds you hear were recorded using two different methods.  Some were done with Rode NT5 mics in an X-Y configuration plugged directly into the Korg D1600.  Others were recorded with a Sony PCM-D50 field recorder.  Locations were my yard in Lansing, Michigan and Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan.  The album cover is a photo Terri took on the shores of Lake Michigan at P.J. Hoffmaster park.

Solstice - The outside sounds are from my backyard on a warm summer night.  I'm not sure if those are bugs or frogs, but you can hear two loud creatures singing back and forth to each other.  There's also a Native-American shaker and a guiro from Bora-Bora.  The drum is my bass drum tuned to a low A note and played with a giant homemade beater. The primary percussion is a tongue drum.  This is a Mahogany box with a Teak mallet surface cut into several marimba-like bars.  The song alternates between 3/4 & 4/4 time.

Lava Pillow - My wonderful wife and best friend Terri came up with the name for this song.  She loves volcanoes and lava!  It's all Prophet 600 synth with some effects from my Art SGX-T2 processor.  There's an energy chime and shakers in the mix too.

Water of Life - The title could be a reference from the movie "Dune" if you'd like, but I was actually referring to the scripture from Revelation 22-17.  The melody is an Ibanez Artist series electric guitar with effects from the T2.  The brook is a stream at Fitzgerald Park recorded with the Sony field recorder.

Train Trip - This is my Martin Sigma acoustic guitar tuned to an open D-Major chord, sitting on my lap and struck with my fingers in rhythmic patterns on the harmonic frets.  The compression, phaser and auto-wah effects are from the D1600's onboard processor.   My friend Jackie gets credit for inspiring the title.

Ice Trees - We had a major ice storm a couple years ago.  As I was leaving work the following evening, I heard how the wind rustled the ice-coated trees and made them crackle.  I rushed home and recorded audio of the trees in my backyard using the NT5 mics into the D1600.  Floor tom, shakers and a Chinese healing gong are also in the mix.

Shiny and New - Martin Sigma acoustic guitar, tuned to open D-Major and mixed with some brook noises from Fitzgerald Park.

Peace, Hope, and Joy - I went hiking on an early autumn day in Fitzgerald Park, carefully holding the field recorder.  Months later, I decided to mix in three piano pieces I had recently written.  These were performed on a Korg SP-250 stage piano.  Joy is actually heard first, followed by Hope and ending with Peace.

Canyon - The light rain was recorded using my NT5 mics pointed out the window to pick up the sounds from the backyard.  It was after midnight and you can hear the train engineer being very careful not to wake people as he quietly sounds his horn when required.  The "flute" noise is a vintage wooden alto recorder.  These are variations on some Native-American themes I wrote while living in Tucson.  I would often take this instrument with me when I hiked Gates Pass.  T2 reverb and digital delay on the "flute".

THANKS :  First of all, I would like to thank God for blessing me with the inspiration, skills, and resources to make this music.  It's an honor to "jam" with Him through these recordings.  Second, I would like to thank my wife, Terri.  Her love and support have enabled me to transform into the person I am now.  Her patience and encouragement continue to be essential to my growth as a musician and person.  I would also like to thank my parents for giving me life, nurturing me, and teaching me well.  My brother, sister and their families have been very supportive, especially through the many times I struggled with frustration and despair.  Thanks to Terri's family who always made me feel at home and loved.  To all the people I've ever been honored to jam with, I thank you.  You are my teachers, along with the musicians we've had the pleasure of listening to and learning from.  To my friends and co-workers, my sincerest gratitude and respect.  Finally, to those of you whom I may never know in person, this note's for you - thanks for listening!

Cloud Shadows is Copyrighted 2011 by Britt Paul and was released on 01.11.11 under the Creative Commons license permitting free, non-commercial enjoyment.  Unmodified distribution, provided the works remain attributed to myself, is encouraged.  Derivative works are prohibited except by permission.  Additional licensing such as broadcast or public performance is available by request.  Legal stuff aside, I encourage you to share and enjoy Cloud Shadows!