Once upon a time, there was a boy with a wandering mind. He liked to imagine places he wanted to go: the sights, sounds, smells, plants, animals, people, everything. For a long time, he just went there in his mind. But he was very lonely. He wanted to leave the safety and security of his made-up worlds, but was too afraid to leave. Then something terrible, yet wonderful happened. He lost his mind; but just for a while...

Without his mind to hide within, the boy was forced to learn how to live in the realm others call "reality". This was very terrifying to him, and he wanted to go back to the time before he was shattered. But there was new purpose and an exciting, frightening, thrilling, uncertain feeling. He was beginning to accept what he was learning and in the process became a man.

Soon, the man no longer feared death, for he had discovered something stronger. He had discovered love. And as the perfect love drove out his fear, the man began living in the real world, actually enjoying it!

Now, he takes everything as it comes his way. He laughs and cries, gets angry and forgives, curses and blesses, does right and sometimes wrong, and accepts himself for who he is...

a child of GOD.

May we all escape the prisons of our minds to discover the true selves we were made to be.

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Britt Paul